Legal Services Tailored to Your Needs

Areas of Expertise


The Greenberg Law Firm has more than a decade of experience drafting and negotiating virtually all types of contracts, ranging from intellectual property licenses, to OEM supply agreements, to employment engagements. Representative contracts include:

  • OEM agreements to supply tier-one customers with products and services, some reaching annual revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Such customers of the Firm’s clients include Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Quantum, Fujitsu, General Dynamics, Cisco, Raytheon, Motorola, Teradata, Acer, Macy’s, Tektronix and Nokia.
  • Supply agreements with component and third-party contract manufacturers to provide clients with necessary materials and services. Suppliers include Foxconn/Hon Hai Precision, Fujitsu, Flash Logistics, 3Y, Jabil, Emerson and Kodak.

Intellectual Property

Many key clients of The Greenberg Law Firm are in the computer industry, where the development and licensing of intellectual property and trade secrets are crucial to success. A number of other clients are in the fashion and tabletop industries, where design and trademark protection and licensing are of key importance. The Firm has developed particular expertise and facility with matters involving copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property. Relevant projects include:

  • Licenses to grant retail partners with access to designs and trademarks. Such agreements resulted in Michael Aram’s collaborations with Waterford Wedgwood as well as Hartmann luggage, and Juliska’s “Country Estate” product line launched with Isis Ceramics.
  • Software licenses and development agreements with household names such as Dell and AMD.
  • Cross patent licenses with industry leaders such as IBM.
  • Management and settlement of patent and copyright infringement actions.
  • Securing trademarks.

Corporate Policies

Successful corporate policies are drafted by those with a sense of what works from a practical and business perspective, as well as a legal perspective. The Greenberg Law Firm has broad experience drafting effective policies and programs that help clients operate smoothly, such as: general terms and conditions of sale; warranties and return material authorization terms; employee handbooks; compensation plans; travel and expense policies; electronic communications policies; sweepstakes terms; and customer programs.


Potentially the most unsettling legal issues are those involving employees. Care must be taken in hiring, terminating and managing personnel on an on-going basis. Often, the updating of routine employment documents, policies and procedures can help a business avoid expensive employment litigation. The Greenberg Law Firm is experienced in these aspects of employment matters, and has fine-tuned strategies to help minimize these disruptive issues.

Transactions, Investments, and General Corporate

As every businessperson knows, certain issues fall neatly into established areas of law while others are hard to categorize, and some may be only quasi-legal in nature. The Greenberg Law Firm guides clients through all types of corporate issues and, if certain expertise is required, will help hire and manage larger, outside firms. The Firm has handled financings and transactions of privately-held clients on its own, and managed outside counsel in complex transactions such as a pooling-of-interests merger of a NASDAQ and NYSE listed company. The Firm represents clients in arbitrations, and manages litigation teams in extensive actions such as those involving patent infringement and shareholder claims. The Firm’s assortment of general corporate experience includes: attending and preparing documentation for board meetings; overseeing due diligence; and wrestling with insurance coverage issues. The Firm is like a designated member of management – ready to step up when called upon to do so.