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The Greenberg Law Firm

valerie greenberg

The Greenberg Law Firm was founded in 2001 by attorney Valerie Greenberg, originally to service Dot Hill Systems, a world-renowned, NASDAQ-listed provider of data storage systems and management software. Dot Hill remained a key client of the Firm for more than fourteen years, until it was acquired on October 6, 2015 for more than $690 million (or $9.75 per share) by Seagate Technology. Soon after it was founded, the Firm began to add other exciting companies to its list of clients.

The Firm approaches the attorney client relationship in a refreshingly atypical manner, especially when compared to big firms. An attorney is specially assigned to each client and becomes deeply familiar with all aspects of the client’s business including its operations, pre-existing obligations and staff. In this way, the Firm eliminates much of the need to relay information among lawyers and assistants, and these efficiencies are reflected in lower legal bills.

Clients of the Firm appreciate this way of lawyering. They get the focused attention of a dedicated and experienced “in-house” general counsel without the expense of employing an attorney full-time. The Firm remains ready to help clients year after year with matters that are routine and unusual, whether called upon to do so numerous times a week, once or twice a month, or a few times a year. Typically, the Firm charges clients by the hour, but it offers other rate structures as well.